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Teach English Online - Earn up to $26/hr

  2021-02-23     Magic Ears     All cities,TN  

Who We Are:

Magic Ears is an innovative online English learning platform for students ages 4-12. With a relentless focus on the long-term, our mission is to bring a global classroom experience to every child and to provide the best online career opportunity for teachers. We provide a unique 1-on-4 classroom that creates a fun and effective learning environment. Our state-of-the-art curriculum and user-friendly platform make teaching fun and fruitful, and our supportive community culture allows you to work as part of a warm and happy family.


  • Hold a bachelor s degree or higher in any subject, or be a student actively pursuing a bachelor s degree (must provide official transcript)
  • Hold a 120-hour ESL Certification*
  • Plus, ESL/teaching experience preferred

*Magic Ears offers a fully accredited 120-hour Advanced TESOL course for just $20.

Pros to Being a Magic Ears Teacher:

  • Earn up to $26/hr
  • No minimum weekly teaching hour commitment.
  • Have bookings right after signing up the agreement.
  • Outstanding and interactive English teaching/learning platform with built-in games, video, and songs.

Magic Ears Interview Process:

  1. Interview Demo (recorded or live)

At this stage, you can select between a recorded or a live interview demo. Both are evaluated using the same criteria, so it all depends on your preference! In the recorded demo, you will share a brief introduction and teach a short lesson on the letters M & N and keywords Moon & Nurse. This can be recorded on your computer, phone, or tablet. In the live demo, you ll have a brief introduction with the interviewer and then they will act as your student for the lesson.

  1. Training Video

When you ve passed the Interview Demo stage, you will receive an email with training videos and an invitation to schedule your Trial Demo. Be sure to watch the video to prepare before scheduling.

  1. Trial Demo

You will teach a 10-minute demo lesson to a trainer acting as your student. When your trainer stops the lesson, they will provide you with some feedback on your performance. ME will determine whether you move onto the next step or if you need a second Trial Demo.

  1. Background Check & Contract Offer

After passing the Trial Demo stage, you must complete a criminal background check before your contract can become official.

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